Health Equity

A Guide for Clinicians, Medical Educators, & Healthcare Organizations

The global pandemic led to renewed interest in health disparities; however, numerous medical schools, residency programs, outpatient clinics, and hospital organizations were not equipped to teach about health equity.

In Health Equity: A Guide for Clinicians, Medical Educators & Healthcare Organizations, Dr. Bonzo Reddick presents a framework for addressing health disparities that can be applied to most situations of systemic and institutional bias and to situations of personal bias and discrimination. The scenarios, anecdotes, and interactive activities within this book will enlighten and refresh health educators, physicians, resident physicians, medical students, health professions students, and other healthcare and allied health professionals.

Whether used as an introduction to health disparities, a text to assist in teaching about health inequities, or a tool to help your organization develop a framework for achieving health equity, this is an essential guidebook for those ready to reassess their approach to the equitable care of all people.

To achieve equity, you must be able to examine yourself as part of the solution. Leading by example, Dr. Bonzo not only teaches best practices, but enhances learning points by highlighting bungles—valuable lessons he had to learn along the way.  If you are on the journey to health equity, this book is a must read as we can all learn from our mistakes.


Edgar C. Hayhow Award-Winner


Bonzo K. Reddick, MD, MPH

Dr. Bonzo Reddick is a professor in the Community Medicine and Family Medicine departments at Mercer University School of Medicine. He completed a family medicine residency, two faculty development fellowships, and a Master of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Bonzo has been recognized with sixteen teaching awards

in his career. He provides mobile clinical services for people experiencing homelessness through the J.C. Lewis Primary Health Care Center.

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