Girl, Bye!

10 Lies Women Think and Tell Themselves About Men

As women, we sometimes think that our love is enough to make a crooked line straight. We overlook and tolerate unacceptable behaviors just to stay in a relationship. But finally, someone is calling us out and saying, Girl, Bye!

Girl, Bye! 10 Lies Women Think and Tell Themselves About Men by Ria Rai Harris is a hilarious and raw wake-up call to women who have been accepting mistreatment and disrespect because of the falsehoods playing on repeat in their minds. Not intended to be a man-bashing tome, this how-to guide lays out what you should and shouldn’t allow so that you can:

  • be the woman you always dreamed of!
  • be the woman you’d like your daughter to emulate and become!
  • be the woman that makes your ancestors and yourself proud!

This is a must-have book for you and your sister friends in case you ever need to confront a lie or borrow a lesson.

About the Author

RIA RAI HARRIS is the CEO of Dusk 2 Daybreak Transformational Coaching and Speaking International, founder and national director of the Beyond Beautiful World Pageant, and a licensed realtor in Illinois, Indiana, and Punta Cana. Challenging women to overcome the fear of success in their careers, relationships, and lives is her primary mission. Ria currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, Daniel. She has one son and a dog.

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