Meet Shani.

SHANI E. McILWAIN is a sought-after speaker, pulpit supply preacher, retreat leader, and a Ruling Elder at Faith Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C.

As a global prolific writer and award-winning author, she connects with her audience through humor, honesty, and compassion—striving to teach women and men how to use daily practices to form a spiritual and intimate relationship with God.

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Awkward Silence Handbook

Practical Activities for White Ministry Leaders to Confront Anti-Racism

Create in me a clean heart, oh God, that I may do the work I am called to do and expected to do. Amen.

Racial injustices are more apparent than ever, leading many to look inward and reflect on how they have contributed to the discrimination marginalized communities face every day. White leaders in faith may think they are on the right side of history—but no one is immune to the biases and racial myths we have been taught our entire lives.

If you are a leader in faith who is ready to challenge yourself to recognize and repurpose your white privilege, Awkward Silence Handbook: Practical Activities for White Ministry Leaders to Confront Anti-Racism will open the door to doing the necessary work of dismantling oppression and rebuilding a world more equitable for all. Using her five-step SHARE formula, executive coach Shani E. McIlwain guides readers through how to effectively practice anti-racism and allyship, using your faith as a foundation.

Whether your goal is as simple as wanting to listen, or if you have grander aspirations to rid the world of hate and intolerance, this book will inspire you to take that first step toward your true heart transformation.

Sharing My Mess

90 Days of Prayer and Spiritual Intimacy

with God

To be intimate with someone is to be personally interested, emotionally invested, in sync, and having a sense of inseparability. We often associate intimacy with romantic relationships, but rarely do we do so with the relationship that matters most-the one with our Heavenly Father.

This 90-day devotional helps you build your personal relationship with God by maturing your prayer life, elevating your thought patterns, developing your faith, and transforming your mess into a life-changing testimony. Drawing from inspirational bible passages and her own heartfelt experiences, Shani E. McIlwain offers insightful instruction on what spiritual intimacy with God is and how to go about achieving it. Through Jesus Christ, we can do all things, and as we build our lives around Him, we break open tremendous opportunities to become all that He has created us to be.

If you're ready to transform your life in Christ, beginning with the foundation, then Sharing My Mess is your all-in-one space to study, pray, meditate, journal, and grow.


Sharing Our Prayers

12 Testimonies on Spiritual Habits to Improve Your Life

The eleven chapters in this empowering and illuminating anthology are grounded on a single theme: the power of prayer. Just as no one prayer is alike, each contributing author brings a new perspective, a new way, a new use, and a new miracle to the common practice of prayer. Each share the intimate conversations they have had and continue to have with God as they overcome enormous obstacles, confess wrongdoings done by and unto them, forgive, and claim well-deserved victories.

Along with personal stories and testimonials, many of these authors share prayers that they’ve written in the past, as guides for even the most novice prayer warriors. The confidence and insight that exude from these pages is evidence that, if you commit to a continuous and open dialogue with God through prayer, He will speak blessings and promises to you—and those things which He says shall come to pass!

It's Time to Make a Change

30 Days to Renew Your Mind, Heart and Soul

No one said life would be fair. Still, we suffer the pain of loss, addiction, and rejection. And no matter what we do, it seems to suffocate us, leaving us feeling powerless to stop it. But the truth is, we can do something about this pain—we can submit wholeheartedly to God. And through this submission, we can transform our pain into purpose.

Over the course of thirty days, It’s Time to Make a Change will challenge you to change your life through Christ. Each day provides a scripture reading, a meditation, and a specific call to action that will help you overcome self-doubt, bitterness, anger, and selfishness.

To complement each reading, Shani E. McIlwain shares personal stories of her own struggles and journey toward a stronger faith and a deeper sense of fulfillment, inspiring you to give control to Christ so He can lead you to something greater.


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