A Health Guide for Adventurers

Are your bags packed for an adventure in the United States or an international journey? If so, Travel 911: A Health Guide for Adventurers is just for you. You will discover that planning and paying for your trip is just the beginning. In this informative guide, Dr. Yvette McQueen, a global traveling physician, provides guidance for handling common medical concerns while traveling. From what to pack to traveler’s diarrhea to skin issues, you will be introduced to and advised on a wide range of possible, unfortunate occurrences that could affect not only how pleasant your trip is but also how well you recover from unexpected medical events.

Additionally, this guide provides preventative measures and some quick first aid tips that will hopefully help you avoid unforeseen health hazards. Travel well!

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Yvette McQueen, MD

Yvette McQueen, MD, is an emergency medicine physician, travel doctor, instructor, speaker, entrepreneur, author, and consultant. She has traveled to over forty countries, serving both travelers and local residents, promoting health education, travel wellness, and disease prevention. As the CEO of MedQueen LLC, Dr. McQueen offers travel medicine, urgent care, and nutritional consultations via telemedicine to individuals, executives, and travel groups.

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